the Farzam law firm scholarshipovercoming the Odds award

overcoming the Odds award

“Overcoming the Odds” is a new scholarship offered by the Farzam Law Firm. It encourages students to share a time in their education or personal lives that they “overcame the odds.”
Joseph Farzam is no stranger to difficult situations. He left Iran as a refugee when he was a young teenager. Eventually, he was granted asylum in the United States and supported himself by working at McDonald’s through high school. He overcame the odds to become a successful attorney with his own practice, and he understands that education is invaluable in bettering your situation.

Because of his interesting story, Mr. Farzam is interested in hearing from high school and college students who have overcome difficult situations to put themselves in a position to excel.

One winning student will be selected, and the winner will receive a $1500 scholarship award paid by the Frazam Law Firm on the student’s behalf. Payments will be made directly to the student’s university, college, or trade school.

How to qualify

Students must create unique content summarizing the a way in which they “Overcame the Odds”. Entrants are encouraged to make use of
digital media including original images, videos, and graphics. Entries must be accompanied by a brief written story 500 words or less. Be creative and submit an entry that you’re proud of! The winning entry will be shared on the Farzam Law Firm Blog.

How to apply

Write up must be at least 500 words

  • Images/Graphics/Videos must be ORIGINAL and the work of the submitting student
  • Videos must be submitted with YouTube or Vimeo link
  • Students must be a senior in high school accepted to a university, college, or trade school OR already enrolled in a university, college,
  • or trade school.
  • Proof of enrollment must be provided
  • Entries must be submitted by July 1st, 2020

the selection process

The Farzam Law Firm will choose a winner based on creativity, originality, the overall quality of the blog post, and how compelling the
student’s story is

Submission Deadline: 18/12/2021

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