Class Action Cases in Los Angeles

A class action is a lawsuit that is filed by a group of people who have been harmed by the same third party. Usually, when people decide to file a class action lawsuit, they do so because they are seeking small damages and cannot individually afford an attorney. By hiring one attorney and splitting the legal fees, people can still recover damages for the substantial harm they incurred without being overwhelmed with legal bills.

A consumer class action is a lawsuit that is filed by consumers (buyers of products) who have incurred harm from a marketer, seller, designer or manufacturer of a product. People may file a consumer class action lawsuit for an array of reasons. Some common reasons or causes for consumer class action lawsuits are:

  • defective products (cars, medicines, mechanics);
  • deceptive marketing (products marketed using false statements);
  • false advertising (false claims or product guarantees);
  • invasion of privacy;
  • illegal/illegitimate fees.

Obtaining a Consumer Class Action Attorney

After a consumer has suffered or incurred harm due to a faulty product or fraudulent product marketing, it is always a wise idea for the consumer to review his/her case with a reputable legal professional, such as a consumer class action attorney. A class action attorney can look further into the person’s case and provide the person with reliable direction and advice. Additionally, the lawyer can help the person prepare a strong class action lawsuit that could ensure maximum recovery of damages for the consumer.

Los Angeles Consumer Class Action Attorney

The Joseph Farzam Law Firm has helped numerous clients with consumer related legal matters throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas. At the Joseph Farzam Law Firm, we understand how violated consumers feel after they have sustained harm from a defective product; which is why we strive to offer all of our clients compassionate, yet reliable legal counsel and direction.

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