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Sexual Harassment Attorney in Los Angeles

Sexual harassment is when unwanted sexual advances happen in the workplace. These behaviors include:

  • solicitations;
  • advances;
  • verbal exchanges;
  • physical contact;
  • threats;
  • written exchanges;
  • assault; or
  • requests for sexual favors.

People who are being sexually harassed usually feel that their workplace has become hostile. This is especially true in cases where an employee is being harassed by a superior.

Sexual harassment victims often feel that they must put up with their harasser’s unwelcome advances because they do not want to create tension at the office or they fear that their job may be in jeopardy. However, it is important for sexual harassment victims to remember that harassment is illegal and violates human rights legislation.

Reporting Sexual Harassment

After a person has been sexually harassed, it is important that the person report the harassment immediately. A person should meet with his/her company’s human resources department or speak with upper management.

People who have been sexually harassed need to make sure that inappropriate behaviors are documented and that a report of the behavior is recorded. If a person does not make a report of the harassment, it could occur again and put the person in a compromising position.

If inappropriate behavior has been reported, and the person’s company does nothing to stop the harassment from reoccurring, the person should seriously consider speaking with a skilled employment law attorney who has handled prior sexual harassment cases.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

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