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What To Do if You Were Injured in a Los Angeles Car Accident

After a car accident, your top priorities should be the following:

  1. Securing the best healthcare possible to ensure your recovery from the resulting injuries.
  2. Recovering an appropriate amount of money to cover your resulting losses, i.e., medical costs, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

Your doctors and your lawyer are responsible for representing you and helping you achieve these goals. Our firm recommends doing the following after an accident:

See a Doctor As Soon as Possible

Undiagnosed and untreated, car accident injuries carry the threat of becoming long-term or permanent. For this reason, you must see a physician immediately following your accident in Los Angeles.

The sooner you see a doctor, the quicker he can assess and diagnose your injuries and prevent further damage. Taking this step as soon as possible following the accident serves the dual purpose of convincing a jury that your injuries resulted from the accident, improving the overall outcome of your legal proceedings.

Do not defer treatment just because you are uninsured – Our firm works with doctors that will not charge you until your case settles.

Give a Clear Description of Your Complaints

The first time you see your doctor after your LA car accident, it is crucial that you convey all of your complaints clearly. Even minor issues have the potential to become major problems in the future, so it is imperative that you include them in your conversation.

Time is of the essence – see your doctor as soon as possible following your motor vehicle accident.

Make your complaints as clear and detailed as possible, as this will enable your Los Angeles car accident attorney to prove that your injuries were sustained from the accident.

Take, for example, a disc herniation: complaining early on about neck or back pain enables your auto accident lawyer to prove the disc damage was sustained in the accident. Whereas waiting until a doctor detects the issue, later on, could complicate the process of proving the cause of personal injury.

Please note: muscle weakness/spasms, pain, numbness, tingling, burning, and/or “pins and needles” sensations that radiate to your arms, legs, fingers, and toes are early signs of a spinal injury. Please consult your physician immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

Preserve All Documents Potentially Relevant to Your Case

Photograph your injuries as soon as they become visible; failure to do so increases the risk of the personal injury fading and losing crucial evidence. It is always a good idea to document your car accident injuries as soon as possible after they occur.

Property damage resulting from the accident should also be photographed; this includes both your property and that of the other party.

Keep a Journal From the Time the Accident Occurred

Journaling is an excellent way to track the changes in your life following your accident. Keeping a journal not only preserves easily forgotten details for you and your attorney’s reference, but it also gives the jury a picture of your experience of the car accident and how your life has been affected as a result.

Be Consistent With Treatment

We understand that life puts many demands on each of us and treatment is a lengthy and time-consuming process that takes you away from your duties; however, for the duration of your case, treatment must be regarded as a priority.

The examinations and clinical reports from your doctor will serve as the main proof of your injuries; as such, you do not want to give jurors the erroneous impression that you have healed quickly and fully following your accident by prematurely stopping treatment.

You must continue with your medical treatment until your doctor determines you are completely healed.

Find the Right Doctor To Treat Your Injuries

Following your car accident, you should immediately be examined by a physician.

They will likely refer you to a specialist, such as:

  • Neurologist – for consistent and severe headaches, dizziness and/or vertigo (sensation of falling), periods of memory loss, loss of motion/feeling, or a significant change or reduction in cognitive function.
  • Orthopedist – for injuries sustained to the spine, neck, back, shoulder, knees, hands, and feet.
  • Psychologist/Psychiatrist – for depression, anxiety, withdrawal, fear, PTSD, development of specific, debilitating phobias, and other mood issues.
  • Physical Therapist/Chiropractor – for injuries sustained to muscles, tendons, or ligaments.

Note that you may also see other specialists like an ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, podiatrist, etc.

Los Angeles Auto Accident Statistics


There are many reasons why auto accidents occur.

The most common causes are:

  • Rubbernecking (roughly 16% incidence)
  • Driver fatigue (roughly 12% incidence)
  • Child/Passenger distraction ( roughly 9% incidence)
  • Adjusting the radio/CD player (roughly 7% incidence)
  • Cell phone use (roughly 6% incidence)

Other common causes of auto accidents in Los Angeles include, but are not limited to: drunk driving, drowsiness/fatigue, general distractions, cell phone misuse, aggressive driving, “road rage,” poor road conditions, mechanical failure, and speeding.

We are the Right Accident Attorneys in LA for You

As a contingency firm, The Joseph Farzam Law Firm will front the cost of pursuing your case and will not charge you unless we win.

We can help you recover damages for past and future accident-related medical costs, rehabilitation costs, loss of earnings or future earnings, pain, and suffering, and other miscellaneous accident-related expenses.

Please don’t hesitate to send us a message or call our accident firm at (310) 226-6890.

Los Angeles, CA Car Accident FAQs

“Why Do I Need a Lawyer?”

The reasons are many and complicated, but in brief, an injured person needs a personal injury attorney after a car accident because they possess both the skills and resources necessary to pursue your case.

An uninitiated individual can quickly find himself overwhelmed and short-changed by the legal system, sometimes incurring costs significantly higher than those of hiring car accident attorneys for your case.

Having a lawyer means you can secure the appropriate medical resources to address your injuries promptly and comprehensively. Most people don’t have the financial means to pay for medical insurance, let alone the astronomical costs of hospitalization, diagnostic procedures, and continuous therapy and rehabilitation.

As previously mentioned, quick and consistent treatment of injuries resulting from car accidents is the key to convincing a jury of your claim; as such, an accident lawyer in Los Angeles can arrange for you to receive medical treatment without paying for it upfront (payments are made when cases settle.)

Further, an attorney’s experience and knowledge are necessary to accurately adjudge the monetary value of your case. Trying to pursue your case single-handedly almost guarantees that you will not be granted a settlement that reflects anywhere near the true value of your case.

The final reason you need a car accident lawyer is that insurance companies are incentivized to avoid making payouts for victims of accidents. An auto accident lawyer plays a vital role in the fight for fair compensation for your injuries; having one removes the tedious and complicated burden of dealing with insurance companies’ red tape from your shoulders.

“Should I allow the insurance company to take my recorded statement?

The short answer is no; never do this.

As previously stated, insurance companies are not incentivized to help you; conversely, their primary objective is to establish the lowest amount of compensation possible and convince you to accept it. You need a lawyer to help you prepare your statement for when you do speak with any insurance company, whether that be the other party’s or your own.

“How much is my case worth?”

We cannot know immediately, but with a free case evaluation, we can begin the process of determining the monetary value of your car accident claim. Our Los Angeles firm has helped thousands of injured clients and consistently gets them the best results possible.

“Am I entitled to a rental vehicle?”

You are, assuming your car was damaged as a result of the accident. Your rental will be available to you for a reasonable number of days (please refer to your auto insurance policy.)

Many clients wonder if they are entitled to recover other losses resulting from the accident, such as lost hours at work.

The work hours lost due to doctor’s appointments and another car accident-related treatment are compensable (this is included in your attorney’s estimated value of your case.)

Attorney fees may be perceived as a barrier to seeking legal assistance following an accident.

The first thing that comes to mind after an accident might be, “How much is this going to cost?” This does not have to be so – at The Joseph Farzam Law Firm of Los Angeles, we work on a contingency basis: this means we will not seek reimbursement until your case is successfully settled – in the meantime, we will front all of the litigation and medical costs related to your accident. You can rest assured knowing we don’t get paid unless you do.

If you are dissatisfied with your experience at another attorney’s office, you are under no obligation to retain them as your legal counsel.

We can make the arrangements to have your case transferred to us. Please do be aware that if your prior attorney has done substantial work on your case before you transfer to our firm, they could potentially have the right to collect a percentage of our fees as payment for their work.