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Premise liability cases are also commonly referred to as “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” cases.  Both terms describe an incident wherein hazardous conditions cause a visitor to the property to fall and sustain injuries.

While the name may sound self-explanatory, certain criteria must be met — most importantly, the owner of the property must have been aware of the dangerous conditions at the time of the accident but neglected to adequately address them.

This is known as negligence, which can be summarized in two parts:

  1. All property owners have an obligation to maintain a safe property,  reasonably free from impediments, hazards, structural defects, or other perilous attributes that may contribute to or directly cause injury to a visitor.
  2. At the time when an injury to a visitor or customer occurs, the property owner must have failed to warn them of the dangerous feature if it existed and posed a threat at the time of the incident.

Negligence, however, is not limited to the property owner – the injured party can also be found to be negligent. In such instances, negligence refers to unreasonable and/or careless behavior on the part of the visitor.

An injury sustained from a situation that would, under normal circumstances, not present any immediate danger might be determined to have resulted from negligence.

For example, if a visitor to a property were to walk into a deep, highly visible pothole that any other attentive person would have noticed and avoided, the injured party would be found negligent for not walking around such an obvious and avoidable hazard.

Common Hazards for Slip and Fall Cases

  • Carpeting or rugs which are not secured to the floor
  • Uneven/slippery surfaces such as polished concrete or inconsistent stair heights
  • Spills or drips on hard surfaces
  • Insecure or inadequate handrails

In order to successfully litigate a premise liability case, the most important facts to determine are who was negligent, and to what degree? Also, how extensive are your damages?

Slip and fall cases can result in a variety of injuries, from benign injuries like rolled ankles or sprained wrists to serious medical issues like concussions, broken teeth, torn ligaments, and knee or hip replacements.

The severity of your injuries, pain and suffering, the extent of treatment necessary, potential loss of income from time out due to injury, and other factors are considered in conjunction with the negligence of the proprietor to determine the best course of action when litigating your case.

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