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Common examples of racial discrimination in the workplace

  • Denial of employment to race
  • Racially motivated jokes, hate speech, and derogatory statements
  • Denial of health and pension benefits
  • Racial motivated involuntary termination of employees
  • Denial of overtime wages
  • Failure to pay wages in line with non-minorities
  • Failure to promote employees to race
  • Racial motivated retaliation and threats
  • Racially motivated harassment
  • Segregation of employees based on race
  • Failure to provide proper family medical leave act during or after pregnancy
  • Increased level of work for minorities
  • Indirect or covert forms of discrimination
  • Systematic discrimination in tests, examination, and policies with the intent to forcibly retire racial minorities or deny them advancements in employment opportunity

Race-based discrimination protection extends to persons who have been discriminated against based on their national origin, ethnicity, and language.

Fear of Claiming Race-based discrimination – Business Owner retaliation

Due to the poor economy and the difficulty of finding a new job a recurring issue amongst discriminated employees is the general fear of filing a discrimination claim and retaining an attorney.  In many cases, victimized employees fear being fired or worse yet abused at their place of work. Many others have a fear of being labeled a troublemaker and bullied by the managers and other employees at work.

However, there are strong California and federal anti retaliatory termination and harassment laws that are put in place to protect employees. For example; the Civil right act forbids employers from retaliating against workers or job applicants because that individual opposed the employer’s discriminatory acts that were made unlawful by federal and state employment rights laws.

Retaliation is a serious charge; hiring an employment rights attorney will place employers and business owners on notice to refrain from such acts.

California and Federal Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights Laws

California Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights Attorneys

If you or someone you know has experience race based or ethnic discrimination in the workplace our employee rights attorneys can help.  We have the experience and passion to take on the largest companies in California and fight for the rights of workers across the state.