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Unpaid wages is a term that refers to wages (compensation) that are not paid to an employee by an employer. When an employee works for a period of time or renders services to an employer and the employer refuses or does not outright pay the employee within a set period of time, it is classified as unpaid wages.

All types of employees can suffer from unpaid wages, including contract employees, hourly employees, salaried employees, temporary employees, and consultants.

Employers who do not pay their employees accordingly violate compensation laws that have been set forth by the U.S. Department of Labor Standards Administration and may be subject to legal action by law enforcement as well as civil lawsuits.

Individual Wage or Hourly Claim

If an employee has not received payment or partial payment from his/her employer, it is always a wise idea for the employee to consider filing an individual wage claim. An individual wage claim can help the employee recover their unpaid wages. Additionally, a wage claim can help the employee recover:

  • wages not paid due to insufficient funds (employer check);
  • wages accrued due to unused vacation time;
  • business expenses that were never reimbursed;
  • unpaid commissions;
  • unpaid bonuses;
  • overtime compensation.

Obtaining an Employment Law Attorney

Once a person has not received owed wages, it is usually a wise idea for the person to consult with a knowledgeable employment law attorney. In most cases, an employment lawyer can review the person’s individual situation and inform the person of their legal options.

By receiving guidance from a reputable employment attorney, workers have a greater chance of successfully recovering their unpaid wages from their employers.

Los Angeles Unpaid Wages Attorney

The Joseph Farzam Law Firm has helped numerous unpaid wage victims throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas. At the Joseph Farzam Law Firm, we understand how unpaid wage victims feel, which is why we strive to offer all of our clients compassionate, yet reliable legal counsel and direction.

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