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If you are pursuing an injury claim resulting from a Los Angeles auto accident, it’s crucial to obtain a copy of your Los Angeles accident report.

This document is evidence in your injury claim and provides pertinent details, such as the involved parties, accident location, witness contact information, damages, and more.

If you are pursuing an injury claim, it’s also essential to speak with a skilled Los Angeles car accident lawyer.

When you retain Farzam Law Firm to represent you, we can obtain a copy of your Los Angeles car accident report and help you fight for the compensation owed to you.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations, so you have nothing to lose by meeting with us to discuss your case.

In the meantime, here’s a look at how to obtain Los Angeles accident reports.

Methods to Obtain a Traffic Collision Report in Los Angeles

If the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) responded to the scene, you could request the report online or through the United States mail.

Reports will only be released to you (the victim), your representative, or other authorized people under California Vehicle Code Section 20012.

How to Get a Copy of an Accident Report Online

Before you attempt to order your accident report online, be sure to allow a minimum of 45 days from the collision date for the report to go through the review and approval process.

If your collision report involves a fatality, an arrest, or a minor, it cannot be released online.

You must request it through the mail.

To order a traffic accident report, you will need the exact accident date, the location, and the last name of the victim, which would be you if you were the driver.

If you have a report number, you can search for reports that way.

You have the option to request your accident report in English or Spanish.

Note that there is a nominal fee to download an accident report in Los Angeles and a small convenience fee for online reports.

Ordering a Traffic Collision Report through the Mail

If you want to request your accident report through the mail, you must download the Traffic Collision Report Request Form first.

Return the form with a $16 check or money order payable to the LAPD. Do not send cash.

The mailing address is:

Los Angeles Police Department

Records and Identification Division

Document Processing Unit

P.O. Box 30158

Los Angeles, CA 90030

If for some reason, you cannot view the form or get it printed out, you can write a request that includes all the following information:

  • The type of report, which is traffic in this case;
  • Your name, address, and telephone number;
  • Incident Number and/or LAPD Report (D.R.) if known;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Names of parties included in the report;
  • Date and time of the accident;
  • Location of the accident;
  • License plate number and state of registration of the vehicle you were driving;
  • What your interest is in the report—involved party, parent/guardian, authorized representative, etc. (Be sure to include a release form if you are an authorized representative and proof of relationship if you are a parent or guardian of an involved party); and
  • A signed and dated declaration: “I declare this statement is true and correct.”

Once the records division processes your report, they will mail a copy to your home address.

Contact a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

If you sustained injuries in a car accident, let the skilled legal team at Farzam Law Firm help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

We have over 20 years of experience representing injured victims like you.

We have a proven record of success, and we are not afraid to take your case to trial if necessary.

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