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Unfortunately, car accidents are common and can upend your personal life, health, and finances. In 2017, the State of California saw over 277,000 people injured and more than 3,900 people killed in traffic collisions.

If you’ve suffered damages or injury in a car accident in Beverly Hills, it can take some time to put the pieces back together.

But something you should do immediately is obtain your Beverly Hills accident report. Information in this article can help you accomplish this task quickly. 

Why You Should Obtain an Accident Report

If you’re in a car accident that causes injury or death, you have to report that accident to the authorities within 24 hours. The main purpose of accident reports is to help the authorities investigate what happened.

But the reports can also be useful tools for getting good settlements from car insurance companies or helping injured parties win at trial.

Accident reports can contain

  • Names of the people involved in the accident;
  • Statements of people involved in the accident;
  • The date, time, and location of the accident; and
  • Witness statements.

Although you can’t use the report at trial, the report can help you prepare for trial or negotiate a settlement.

Insurance companies are notorious for being tight-fisted with money that injured parties need to compensate them for their losses and suffering. Presenting an insurance company with a thorough accident report is a good way to pry its tight fists open.

A skilled car accident attorney knows how to use your accident report to win the relief that you need. 

Options for Obtaining a Beverly Hills Accident Report

You can visit the Traffic Collision Reports section of the Beverly Hills Police Department’s website to obtain a copy of your accident report. You can make the request online.

You can also reach out to the Beverly Hills Police Department’s Records Bureau for more information. You can reach out to the Records Bureau using the following contact information:

Beverly Hills Police Department

Records Bureau

464 N. Rexford Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


With your request for an accident report, you also have to pay a fee. Anyone with a proper connection to the accident can request a copy of the report.

Your opponent in court or at the negotiation table will likely get their own copy of the report right away, so it’s important that you make sure you have a copy of the same information to protect and advocate for yourself. 

Speak to an Attorney Who Fights Hard for What You Need

At the Farzam Law Firm, we’re highly experienced, trial-tested, and ready to take insurance companies to task for your rights.

We are focused on developing a strong relationship with you so that we know just what you need and how to fight for it. If you’re in Southern California and are overwhelmed with the aftermath of a car accident, turn to us.

We’re here to help, and we’re ready to win for you. You can reach us online or call us at 866-916-1454 for a free consultation.

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