Trademark Litigation

Our firm has expanded the depth of our trademark experience, with particular emphasis on:

  • Trademark procurement;
  • Trademark licensing and enforcement;
  • Trademark litigation;
  • Trade secret litigation; and
  • Studies relating to licenses and royalty matters.

On trademark issues, our small practice provides clients with a distinct advantage particularly when faced with less nimble and larger firms.  Our lawyers have the flexibility to quickly and efficiently put to use their vast experience with mediations, arbitrations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in resolving trademark cases.  We have frequently achieved successful results with these methods in trademark cases as an alternative to protracted and expensive litigation.

Our attorneys are committed to developing each trademark case from day one and are hands-on in actively creating the case strategy, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of case, evaluating potential opportunities for resolution and preparing the case for trial.  Our focused approach avoids wasteful litigation, promotes efficiency and drives results.