Read below to hear what people have to say about the quality of representation Joseph Farzam provides.

Mr. Farzam, You are the best lawyer that I have ever met. Not only you know the law but you know how to gain the trust of people as well. Thanks for all your help during that past almost four years. Raymond Flores

Mr. Farzam, I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to Mr. Farzam for the expert assistance provided to me in my time of need. The law firms’ capabilities were especially valuable and the law firms’ reservoir of expertise generated great savings in research and time looking for the most capable law firm.I would also like to extend a special appreciation to Mr. Joseph Farzam for his dedication and hard work on my case. You sir, deserve to be commended not only for demonstrating an enormous amount of patience, but the ability to convey the many lessons learned from previous cases like mine.The advice and assistance you provided was always on the mark and of great value. Joseph Farzam Law Firm has definitely demonstrated that it is the premier source of legal assistance for the consumer and insured alike. Thank You, David

Mr. Farzam, I want you to know that I have you in my prayers everyday.  With the money you got for me, I was able to afford surgery on both of my knees.  Thanks to you I am walking again and I was able to get a job again.  I was also able to afford a lawyer and get my citizenship.  The first few lawyers I went to all turned down my case or couldn’t do anything for me.  I will appreciate you for the rest of my life.  God bless you and your family. Anna

Mr. Farzam, Thanks for being so human and caring in such a difficult time for me. Rob M.

Dear Mr. Farzam,  In the case of “Henry v. Diaz” I was Juror #4. As to your performance, it was felt in general, and I do indeed resonate with this observation, that you conducted yourself in a most professional and sincere manner. It appeared that you cared for the welfare of your client and have a profound respect for the rule of law. We as a jury, and myself personally, were impressed with your probity.  Sincerely, Thomas

Mr. Farzam, I just wanted to take a minute to say I really appreciate all the hard work you have done on my behalf with my case. Thank you for believing in me and my case when others would not. I also wanted you to know that I will definitely be referring friends and family your way when the situation arises. So from the bottom of my heart….thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you soon!!  Tina

Mr. Farzam, you do a lot of good – combating the ones without a conscience who like to victimize others.  God has a special place in heaven for folks like you.  K. Stevens

Mr. Farzam took his time with me and made sure he knew about every detail of my case. I was very pleasantly surprised by my settlement. Malacai


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