When employees are subjected to unfair treatment, discrimination, harassment or unpaid wages within their workplace, they may have the right to file a class action lawsuit against their employer. By filing an employment class action lawsuit, employees can recover:

  • lost wages;
  • interest in his/her lost wages;
  • punitive damages.

Punitive damages can be collected to punish the employer for his/her wrongful behavior and also to compensate the employees for any pain or suffering they may have incurred.

Employment Class Action Lawsuit – Multiple Employees

Often times, after an employee has been subjected to discrimination, unfair treatment or harassment in his/her work environment, he/she may feel deserted or alone. However, it is important for employees to realize that they are probably not alone. Chances are, if a company or employer was unjust to one employee, they were probably unjust to other employees as well. It is very rare that just one employee is targeted.

In cases where multiple employees were subjected to discrimination, poor treatment or harassment, it is usually a good idea for these employees to file a class action lawsuit together. When multiple employees come forward to report inappropriate workplace practices, the chances for recovering damages for the inappropriate workplace behaviors increases immensely.

Obtaining an Employment Law Attorney

Before an employee or multiple employees decide to file an employment class action lawsuit, it is advisable that they retain the services of a skilled employment law attorney. An employment lawyer can provide valuable legal insight and investigative resources, which will only strengthen the clients’ case. An employment law attorney can also safeguard the employees’ rights as they move through the various legal phases of their class action lawsuit.

Los Angeles Employment Class Action Attorney

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