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Not just any lawyer, but one that tirelessly and vigorously litigates your case until justice is served. JFL can help you with your case against your employer. Our main goal is to obtain the maximum recovery for you, our client.

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No Recovery, No Fee = Zero Risk

We get paid for results. Period. You won’t pay a retainer to secure our legal services. Our fee is a percentage of the amount recovered in your employment or labor law claim.

You Are Not Alone

We use all the resources at our disposal to fight your battle. We can guide you down the best path and represent you in discussions and negotiations with your employer. If need be, we’ll sue them in court.


We Handle All Types of Employment Law and Labor Law Cases

We also handle class action employment lawsuits.


Obtaining an Employment Law Attorney

Before an employee or multiple employees decide to file an employment class action lawsuit, it is advisable that they retain the services of a skilled employment law attorney. An employment lawyer can provide valuable legal insight and investigative resources, which will only strengthen the clients’ cases. An employment law attorney can also safeguard the employees’ rights as they move through the various legal phases of their class action lawsuit.
Time is of the essence and it’s easy to be pressured into accepting something you shouldn’t. The stress of loosing your job or anything that’s hindering your work and means to earn an income can make you uncertain. You deserve someone in your corner making sure that you get what you are entitled to.